Choose For Your Home: Cabinet Refacing Or Cabinet Replacement?

Choose For Your Home: Cabinet Refacing Or Cabinet Replacement?

If you are looking for an opportunity to change the appearance of your kitchen, as well as the value of your home, you may very well be considering what is referred to as cabinet refacing. If you would prefer to remove your existing cabinet and install a new one completely, please take these things into account before you proceed.

The Cost of Cabinet Replacement

If you have never previously held a drill and can’t believe it is possible to drill a hole in your existing cabinet, you will be happy to learn that the process is easier than you think. Before beginning, you must remove the cabinet doors. Make sure that you have a screwdriver handy because you will need to place the screws safely, in other words you must take proper measures to protect the cabinets surface, surface, as well as your eyes. You need to be cautious in the placement of the drill system because drill systems can sometimes break and stop working altogether. That is something that must be considered. If unnecessary damage occurs to cabinets, you will be wondering why you ever fearful of screw drivers before.

When you begin the cabinet replacement process, you will need to remove all the drawers. Again, this could possibly be a very easy process if the old cabinet was not made to close completely and the doors were glued or nailed to the cabinet. With some wood glues, you will able to remove the drawers by simply putting a carpenter’s square and screwdriver to the center of the drawer and then scratching the edges of the square.

With most other glues, the drawers will need to be sanded out, more than likely inside or out so you can peel off all the old paint and clear coat. And then in order for you to install the new cabinet, you will need to apply a waterproof construction adhesive to the bottom of the cabinets doors, starting from the bottom and working upward.

The Second Free Kitchen Cabinet Rule

Always remember to pay attention to your local building Standards When you are removing your doors to reface cabinet instead of racking out and purchasing pre-hung cabinet doors. Refacing cabinet doors is much less expensive than purchasing new cabinets. You will also save yourself time and effort by not having to sand and refinish the new doors on your own.

Other Benefits Of Cabinet Replacement

Being with cabinet replacement also means that you can upgrade to make any changes to your cabinet to compliment your home’s new look and feel. Maybe you decided you want that dimmer switch for your kitchen island or maybe new appliances to help update your kitchen.

Yes, cabinet replacement will give you all sorts of extras that you never imagined possible with improvements in cabinet products. You can choose to upgrade to granite cabinets, with the choices of stainless steel or brushed steel. For cabinet replacement, you could choosewoods Toyshutcan be installed over base cabinets. You can also opt to add toe kick drawers for extra kitchen storage.

Some of the advantages of cabinet replacement are: tighter seals, easier installations, versatile design and more configurations. Whatever your reasons, don’t be afraid of making an investment in your home. After all, it is the place you call home.

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