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Neon Themed Party Ideas

When we think of parties, we think of lights, sound and liquor (on that note, you might want to check liquor stores in Westminster or somewhere in your vicinity for more options). That is because we think of discos and rotating mirrored disco balls moving the lights around the room. Lights, however, can also come in LED neon varieties that adorn our wall and add that special feel to a party. Lights made by Neon Mama are a popular choice for parties.


There is nothing like some text lit up to set the mood for a party. Signs that spring to mind are ones with messages that say things such as “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”. This suggests that we should have more parties because they are good for us. Apart from the inclusion of the word “party” in the sign, we are saying to guests that it is fine to party and that we should enjoy ourselves having one. To add to this, you could have a sign to show where the bar area is and what is being served there. For those who do not drink, there is always the steaming coffee symbol to show them you have non-alcoholic drinks on offer, too. You can just have fun with these signs. There will be wording to suit everyone.

Lights are the way to get a party started and then how you should continue it on into the night. They are wonderful at illuminating everything and guiding guests to particular rooms where different activities and mini parties are taking place. You do not need to have all your guests in one room.


If you are a party animal, why not have a party that is themed around a certain animal. This can be achieved using LED neon signs. You can represent pets, zoo animals, and any animal you choose to have a sign made up of. Perhaps your personality is reflected by a certain animal or you collect ornaments of that particular animal. You perhaps do not want those ornaments on display when there is a party going on for fear they will end up broken, so why not Shop Now for an LED neon animal sign instead?


If it is an after-wedding party, then this can be catered for by signs, too. Perhaps the image of a cocktail glass for the party and then a more personal illuminated sign for the bedroom later, to show how much you care about each other. An inspirational sign such as “This is where the magic happens” would send out a positive message for what you are both perhaps expecting from that first night together as a married couple. A “Mr & Mrs” sign would seem appropriate once you are married. If you are in this position, you will have to agree, though, on a colour that suits you both or your home décor.

So, some party ideas here when it comes to choosing how you will light your home for the occasion. You want it to be a party that every party-goer remembers. It is a nice touch to light your home up to those coming to your party. Why spend a lot of on party invitations to then not have your home looking as pleasing to the eye as possible. LED neon signs are easy to put up and cheap to run. So, you will be able to keep them shining for the duration of the whole party. If it starts in the daytime, then the lights are bright enough to still show up. That is the beauty of the technology that surrounds LED lighting. They recreate the neon lights of old but in a much brighter, more energy-efficient, and cost-effective way. So, see what is out there and have fun making your selection.

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