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Selecting The Best Incense For Your Home

Smell has a lot to do with how we perceive pleasant things and places, and this is particularly true for our homes. Just about anyone will appreciate a home that smells nice, but is not too overpowering. Recently, deluxe aroma burners that melt scented wax melts produce beautiful fragrances that can make your house feel like a home. By choosing scents of your choice, this is a great way to ensure that your home smells good all year round. It’s also important to remember that a home with a pleasant smell has more of a personality to remember it by.

Our brains can pick up thousands of different smells and recognize them even after one whiff. Incense makes it so that we always have a particular sensation to remember our homes by. Regardless of what purpose it may be for, selecting incense for your home is something you can take lightly and delicately.

Why Is Incense All The Craze?

Plenty of homes have some sort of distinct incense in them, even if it may be just one room. Of course, this is not without reason. Incense offers benefits to homeowners.

  • For starters, incense has proven to provide a nice therapeutic effect for most people. This is mainly because pure and light smells do well to calm people’s minds and hearts.


  • Incense is also commonly used by people who love to meditate. It helps heighten senses and allows people to deepen their attention.


  • Calming aromas will naturally help with relaxation and provide a nice mood boost. Sometimes you simply want to sit down and get a gust of nice air with a hint of lavender.

What Incense Is Best For You

Modern incense has evolved quite a lot from where it all started. This means that incense is created to vary in types, causing them to be different in size, shapes, and even aroma strength. That being said, here is a shortlist of different kinds of incense you might just be looking for.

  • This type of incense comes from a solid container that allows aromas to spread around the area quickly. They tend to be placed on ceramic plates on top of tables. You must place cone-type incense on heat-resistant surfaces. This is because their tops are lit and burned, which are all prolonged with each cone-like shape.

  • The Stick incense is quite possibly the most popular type of incense available. This is mainly due to its affordability and relatively small size. As its name may suggest, their shapes are very much uniform, allowing for a slow but effective release of fragrance over a certain period. For these kinds of incense, you will want a nice holder that will fit its length.

  • Coil type incense is created to resemble the shape of a spiral which is known to allow for an extended burning time. It is for this exact reason that they are best placed in very large rooms since they can cover a large area. This incense will typically come with a ready-to-use stand to support it.

  • Electronic type incense is probably the widest variety of incense as they are quite common. For instance, you can probably purchase a bowl-shaped container that requires water and liquid incense to use. They also feature a cover and plastic open pipe to spread the incense in the liquid to the air. Others also provide convenience, such as an electric-type cone-shaped incense that only requires you to place what aroma you choose.

Electric types aside, incense will typically last from half an hour to two hours, depending on what brand and class you choose. Naturally, a coil-type incense will last longer than other types, unlike a stick incense. If you want to shorten the burning time, however, you could always cut a stick-type incense.

Artificial and Natural Incense

In this day and age, no home will have a hundred percent natural incense. Although they may have traditionally been composed of natural essential oils and organic plants, these types of 100% natural incense are rarely seen. Modern incense will generally be composed of artificial ingredients made in labs and perhaps a few natural ones.


If we want people to associate our homes with a pleasant and warm feeling, then obtaining incense in one of its forms is your solution. Fresh air is nice and all, but incense adds a faint to a strong aroma that leaves a lasting impression. All that is left for you to do is to choose a specific aroma and place the incense in whichever room you want it to be. Maybe you would like it in several rooms.

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