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Top of the House, Top of Our List of Concerns

Houses can be high maintenance. Buying insurance will have us worry about just what might happen if we do not fix that leaking roof. Sometimes we have fixed it so many times, it would have been more cost-effective to have constructed a new one, which of course isn’t hard to do with the accessibility we have to sites like and similar. These people are only a call away after all and many of the materials can be affordable. There really is no excuse. Deciding on a replacement roof will, after all, give us the option of starting again with choosing a roofing material, and shape, that can withstand the different types of weather conditions that we experience. Also, one that will stand the test of time and put a value on our home, should we decide to sell it. Even if we have no plan to sell, we will want to leave it still standing for the next generation. A roofing contractor will be mindful of all these things. You can find one at

So, this article will look at what we expect from our roof and how a replacement roof can achieve that.


A roof if not weather-proof is no use to us at all. We purchase insurance for our property to protect us financially against storm damage but that does not mean to say that we want our home to not withstand it. The contents of our home and its occupants are important to us. Like some of the sentimental items, our family cannot be replaced. So, we will want to do all we can to protect them. This makes the roof of our home a number one concern when it comes to ongoing house maintenance. In order to repair your house roof, you may need to contact a reputed contractor such as JD Hostetter & Associates, who has years of experience in the roofing industry.

So, as a shorter-term solution, we could go for asphalt shingles for our roof. We should as a minimum expect them to last 15 years, if not up to 30 years if we keep them well-maintained. Their affordability should leave nobody with an excuse not to do something about their leaking roof. It is peace of mind to know that your roof is fixed. It is aesthetically pleasing to see a new roof construction as well.

Slate will last the longest of all roofing materials and protect a home for 80 to 100 years from all unpredictable weather scenarios. You will no longer have to worry whether the lady or gentleman is out on your weather house. You hope, of course, it will be the lady, who will indicate that sunny weather is expected. A roof made from terracotta tiles is a popular choice for warm climates. Heat will be absorbed into terracotta tiles and that heat will transfer into the home. Terracotta can also remain cool when that is necessary too.

Visual Appeal

We also cannot help concerning ourselves with how our house looks not just to us but others. This is natural as houses are a status symbol that can show how financially successful we have become through knowledge acquired, creativity, and hard work. It is something to be proud of that we have been able to afford a house large enough to house the whole of our family comfortably. So, with this in mind, we will want our home to appeal to not just us and our extended family but all those looking and admiring it too. This is not a bad idea, either, should we come to sell it to Crawford Home Buyers or other future buyers.

So, consider what roof will appeal to lots of different people. For those of us who live curves, we will appreciate a sloped roof. This is not just visually pleasing for many but also very protective in terms of the weather. Rain, ice, and snow, will just slide off it. This protects your property from it. The greater the slope, the happier everyone will be. For those wanting a flat roof, you could be at an added advantage. Other than adding more interior space, the accessibility to such a roof is much more convenient. It could also decrease the potential causes of accidents. But, for a sloped roof, ensuring it is well equipped with leading edge fall protection like installing safety rails and ladders could ease the worries of potential accidents happening in the future.


It may seem strange to talk about budget when having our roof repaired or replaced will eat into it. However, it can be cost-effective to act sooner rather than later to avoid needlessly paying for multiple repair bills when our roof just needs replacing. This is not all bad news and the only option because when you do have work done with a professional roofing contractor, it will be guaranteed. Warranties for work carried out can be as long as 2 years, so you can remain worry-free for that period because any subsequent repairs will not cost you more money to put right during this time.

In conclusion, our roof should be top of our priority list when it comes to protecting our home from the weather. We cannot ignore, either, its visual appeal for us and others. In terms of budget, it is not good to neglect a leaking roof that might ultimately end up costing us more money long term.

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