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Why You Should Consider Having an Island in Your Kitchen

Considering moving into a new house with a kitchen island, you might think the island would end up being the most useful part of the kitchen. After all, an island gives you extra counter space, room for dishes, and more surface area for food preparation. But an island has other benefits besides being a handy workspace. It also provides a dedicated space for chopping, mixing, and dicing.

We’ve all tried to simplify our kitchen at some point or another. Whether it’s getting rid of the microwave to make extra counter space or getting rid of the toaster to free up the cabinet, kitchens are often hot spots for storage chaos. In addition to helping simplify our kitchens, an island does more than add counter space. It can also add functionality, style, and in many ways, peace. If that interests you, you can contact kitchen remodeling companies like Smithway Home Solutions, to help you bring your visions to life, through a seamless installation process.

There has got to be a good reason behind kitchen island gaining popularity in recent years. While some people think of a kitchen island as an addition to counter space, it can improve your workflow. With an island, you can work more efficiently and take care of multiple things at once, making those quick breakfasts and delicious lunches much easier.

What Is Kitchen Island?

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so how do you want your kitchen to look? Enter the kitchen island. They can be made of different materials, ranging from this synthetically produced Hi-Macs solid surface to granite slabs. This allows you to explore different aesthetics for your kitchen, adding functionality and a unique decorative element to the room. It looks stunning and also separates the kitchen from the living area. So, what are the top reasons for getting a kitchen island?

  • More Storage

There are a ton of cabinets that you can buy for an island. They add a lot of storage space and allow you to put things away that can’t be stored in drawers or shelves. Kitchen islands with cabinets make it convenient to store all of your kitchen items in one place without cluttering up other areas.

  • More Counterspace

Kitchen islands aren’t just for looks! With as much daily action as kitchens see, it’s essential to have plenty of countertop space for all your food prep, cooking, and baking needs. A kitchen island, especially sturdy granite or quartz ones from stores like Superior Stone & Cabinet and others, gives you that additional bit of space needed to arrange for a great meal. Due to its sturdy nature, it can also be used as a worktop if needed. Either way, an island is a fantastic addition to your kitchen.

  • Create A New Eating Space

There are several reasons we think everyone should have a kitchen island. A kitchen island is a great space for a centerpiece, prepping food, eating, and entertaining. It provides both a functional and decorative element in your kitchen. Islands are a great way to create additional counter space and make room for things that can’t be cleared away easily.

Is It Worth Having A Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands are an attractive feature for many homeowners, and they can add a lot of value to your home. But do you need one? A kitchen island can double as an extra eating space, a place to store extra toiletries, or even a second workspace. (If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can buy a small fridge, sink, and worktable to create an in-law or nanny suite.) Depending on your kitchen layout, a kitchen island can be a space-saving alternative to a separate breakfast nook. But, if your new kitchen doesn’t have an island built in, you can consider adding one. According to the space and layout, you could add a custom-made island that would fit in perfectly. There are plenty of stores online that sell bespoke kitchen islands made-to-order along with similar furniture.

There are many advantages to having a kitchen island if you love to cook. But that doesn’t mean a kitchen should or must have a kitchen island. Some kitchens aren’t big enough to adequately support a kitchen island, and that’s okay.

Are Kitchen Islands Practical?

For a lot of us, kitchen islands are more than just a decoration, they’re functional too. They provide a great spot to gather the whole family around the kitchen for meal prep, help you cut down on clutter, and make cleanup easier. Are kitchen islands practical? As useful as they can be, they can also be expensive, and not all homes or lifestyles will accommodate them.

Everyone dreams of having an island in their kitchen. It’s practical, easy to clean, does not touch the floor, and it could be the perfect spot to set out food while cooking.

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