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Why You Should Make a Catio and How It Helps Your Home and Cats

The catio is a fantastic outdoor space that not only looks great but also provides the ultimate place for your cats to bask in the sun. It is a wonderful addition to your garden or home, which will provide your cats with a safe place and a wonderful new environment to play, relax, and spend time in. Having a catio in your backyard is a great way to safely let your cat enjoy some good outdoor exercise and the fresh air without the risk of your cat getting struck by a car or attacked by other wild animals. It’s even better if you can let your cat use it as a scratching post! I have just bought a new cat which is super exciting! I spent a while trying to find some cats that don’t shed and I finally found the perfect kitten. Now, I just need to make a catio!

Why Should You Make a Catio?

We all love cats and want to keep them safe from the cold winter weather, but sometimes cats get too cold and need to be warmed up. A catio is a great way to keep your cats warm and comfortable. A catio is a great option for both indoor and outdoor cats. There are many types of catios, so you can choose the one that is going to work best for your home.

It is no secret that cats can sometimes be temperamental pets (just visit the petusiast blog to learn more if you don’t believe us!), especially when it’s cold or wet outside. In fact, most cat owners actually agree that their cats are often too picky about their food and their litter box. This can lead to unsightly messes and even bad odours. Some cats might even be nervous about going outside, and you may have even looked at exploring CBD oil for dogs and cats, but perhaps haven’t quite got round to trying this yet. But what if you can easily make outside a safe place, and your cat can have a more pleasant time?

Benefits of building a catio for your cats.

• It helps protect your cat

When it comes to cats, we humans often forget that animals have needs just like us. They have things that need to be taken care of and cared for, and that includes their health. The average cat spends between 12-18 hours a day outdoors, and it is essential that they are provided with a perch in which they can take shelter during inclement weather. Having a catio means they can be safe and comfortable while also outside. This can also help cats with anxiety build their confidence – though getting them some medication from Serenity Store may also help – which improves their quality of life.

• It helps decrease conflicts between other cats.

The key to making your home a happy, healthy place for cats and your cat is having a catio. Why start with your cats? One of the best ways to get your cat healthy and live longer is to provide a place for them to play outside. Cats are naturally territorial and will often try to mark and claim spots in their territory in an attempt to mark their own spaces and get the joy of pouncing on prey.

• It helps reduce the population.

Cats love to play, and many of them enjoy climbing and exploring. Your cat might not be able to enjoy the outside as much as some cats, but the indoor catio provides a safe area for them to play. The catio gives them a place to scratch, play with toys, and sleep. The catio can also inhibit the potential for escape, as cats tend to want to be outdoors.

The idea of a catio is to provide your feline friends with a safe and pleasant place to hang out, and it can also provide you with delight to behold. The look is a blend of beauty and functionality, and cats can appreciate both. The design allows cats to do their business in a spot that allows them to be fully covered while also providing them with shade and fresh air.

• Avoid neighbourhood conflicts.

At home, we have everything we need to feel at ease. Furniture, pet-cares, and decorations are all part of our comfort zone. Yet, what is the most valuable thing we can have in our homes? The one thing that makes us feel so at ease, yet so lonely? The one thing that helps us to avoid neighbourhood conflicts? The one thing that helps us to avoid the neighbours’ cats?

There are many benefits for you and your home when you get yourself a catio; the ability to easily reach your cat when you need them has been proven to prevent many issues with house cat behaviour, and many cats love to lounge in a nice sunlit space. However, there are many reasons to make a catio, beyond just covering your cat’s kitty litter.

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